About Emerging Fund Manager Program

The New Rising - Emerging Fund Manager Program is a sophisticated 10-week training program designed to facilitate the path for talented and passionate individuals to break into the Venture Capital world as fund managers.

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Program Goal

The aim of the program is to encourage newly-minted and aspiring venture capital investors, to fully immerse them in the VC world, teach them certain hard and soft skills of a successful venture capitalist. Also, to help aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to increase their social capital by networking and gaining valuable connections in their fields.

Program Content

The program is tailored specifically for people who are interested in the peculiarities of the Venture Capital world. It consists of 20 online sessions, 3 physical activities and 1 graduation event. Below are the topics to be presented during the program.​ 1. Get to know the Startup and VC Ecosystem 2. How do VC funds work? Investment Thesis Creation and Team Building 3. How to run a VC fund? Dirty Work - Operational & Financial Sides of a VC fund 4. Investment Processes: Selecting the Best Deals and Winning Them 5. After the Investment: Portfolio Management and Exit Processes 6. Investment Committee Simulation 7. Regulation & Legislation & CVC & GSYF Structures 8. Graduation Presentations

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Who Is the Program For?

The program is intended for professionals who have min 3 years of work experience.

What is the Program Capacity?

20 participants.

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Are there any program fees?

Yes, please fill out the application form to learn more.

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How Much Time Should I Devote to the Program?

You need to be committed to devote at least 5 hours per week.

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What are the Benefits of the Program?

Apart from getting venture-specific training designed to help you develop the skills necessary to establish deal flows, analyze investments and enhance skills critical to investing, you shall also receive job opportunities in various VC funds. We also support individuals who want to start their own VC funds with our startup deal flow and investor network.

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What is the Program Selection Process?

1. Online application  2. First Interview 3. Second Interview 4. Final Decision and Onboarding Email

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