Günce Önür is Partner at Startup Wise Guys - the leading early-stage VC fund in Eastern Europe with more than 300 portfolio companies. Between 2016-2018, Günce Önür worked for Keiretsu Forum Angel Investor Network and helped 12 startups to raise more than 3 million dollar angel investment in total. Between 2018-2019 managed a portfolio of 60 startups in StartersHub Early Stage VC Fund. Since 2019, Günce Önür has been part of the Startup Wise Guys Investment team and before her career in the startup ecosystem, she worked for an R&D department in a bank that is part of UniCredit. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering and Computational Science and successfully finished the VC Unlocked invite-only VC training program run by 500 Global and Stanford University. The New Rising is a non-profit initiative by Günce Önür to support entrepreneurs who want to change the world and young people who want to break into the VC and startup investment ecosystem.

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